Top 5 Auto Insurance Providers
Save on Your Auto Insurance and Breakdown Cover!

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best providers of Auto Insurance and Breakdown Cover...
  1. USAA
    One of the best and biggest insurers in the country, 97% customer satisfaction ratings make USAA a no-brainer.
  2. Allstate
    Huge range of cover and products available as well as very high regional satisfaction ratings.
  3. Progressive
    Switching to Progressive could save you hundreds on your bill - over 18 million customers can attest!
  4. Auto-Owners Insurance
    An old company with a lot of history - if they provide in your state, give them a serious look.
  5. Esurance
    Easy to sign up, either online or via the app, if you're looking to get with the times go with Esurance.

The Top Five Tips When Choosing Auto Insurance and Breakdown Coverage

Choosing the right type of auto insurance and breakdown protection is important if you hope to be protected in the event of an unforeseen situation. Let's take a look at five professional tips to keep in mind when making an informed decision.

1. Know Your Budget

How much can you afford to spend? This is arguably the most important question, as you will need to take into account the initial downpayment as well as the monthly premiums that are required. Always be sure to choose a policy that is affordable, as lapsing on an insurance policy or breakdown plan will inevitable affect your credit score. Be realistic with your options and examine at least three providers before making any type of commitment.

2. Determine Your Needs

Are you looking to obtain a plan that covers only basic liability or are you more interested in comprehensive options? Keep in mind that while basic liability is the minimum legal requirement to operate a motor vehicle in the majority of states, it will not protect you if you are involved in a serious accident. Evaluate your unique requirements in order to obtain the insight required to make an informed decision.

3. Customer Assistance Concerns

What types of customer service can you expect to enjoy? Are you provided with a single phone number or will the firm assign you with a dedicated support specialist? Can you contact a representative 24 hours a day in the event of a sudden issue such as a roadside breakdown? Does the company offer any type of online chat widget in the event that you need to have a handful of questions answered? Always keep in mind that the quality of customer service associated with an insurance provider normally reflects upon what type of experience you can expect.

4. Travelling Abroad

Are you hoping to travel to Canada or Mexico in the near future? If so, determine whether or not your insurance and breakdown coverage is valid. In the same respect, keep in mind that some providers only offer plans applicable to a specific state. This is why it is sometimes wiser to choose a large firm that is associated with nationwide service. However, you could very well benefit from the packages offered by a regional company if you tend to remain close to home.

5. What do Others Have to Say?

Word of mouth is a final factor to take into account. Appreciating the opinions of others will enable you to make an objective opinion without being swayed by any common sales tactics. Take a look to see what previous customers have provided in terms of feedback. It is obviously best to stay away from an insurance or breakdown provider that is associated with numerous negative reviews.

Of course, you can always feel free to refer back to this article in the future for additional inspiration or guidance. Choosing the best insurance provider is simple if you employ the tips mentioned above.