Top 5 Tips for Saving Money on Flights
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Here are our Top 5 picks for the best online cheap flight providers...
  1. Expedia
    Expedia offer the full package, from flights to hotels, cruises and more. Check them our to see if you can make a big saving.
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  3. Southwest
    Southwest is the world's largest low-cost carrier. You can get some crazy cheap flights if you follow our guide.
  4. Priceline
    Priceline offers cheap flights as well as hotels and rental cars - perfect if you're looking for vacation or business.
  5. Kayak
    Kayak compares offers from many sites so that you don't have to.

Top5 Tips: How to Book Cheap Flights

During the summer holidays is the best time to travel; the weather is ideal and the whole family is available. But to make it happen and make the most out of your holiday, you need to find cheap flights. A concept imported over from the United States, cheap flight deals are offered by low-cost airlines at the lowest price. These flights are offered from a wide range of destinations no matter the season, so let’s have a look at how we can find these deals.

Usually, flights to the most touristy and popular destinations were the most expensive kind of flight tickets. However, to give the opportunity to travel to these destinations to normal citizens, travel agents and other travel companies offer these low-cost flights and holidays. Flights and holidays such as these can be sold at a lower-than-average price (sometimes a one-way flight can cost less than £10).

To offer these low-cost flights, airlines reduce their costs in other areas. Reducing average salaries and using secondary airports are common tactics. The companies also encourage airport rotations and online sales. These kinds of techniques help reduce annual expenses.

Cheap flights: what are the advantages?

The main objective of cheap flights is to allow passengers to find the flight that suits them at the lowest price. Depending on the destination, these savings can help free up their money to allow passengers to pay for other expenses during their holiday, such as childcare or a car rental. For adventurers that choose their travel destinations based on ticket prices, cheap flights are also the ideal way to see other countries and cultures.

Outside of the price, there is nothing in particular that differentiates a low-cost airline from a premium airline; they are all subject to the same regulations and tests, meaning that no savings can be made from cutting costs from equipment, materials or maintenance. All this means that you can rest assured your flight will be safe.

Tips for finding the perfect low-cost flight

Because they offer a number of advantages, low-cost flight tickets are not as accessible as one may think. However, there are methods to follow to find them.

Using a flight comparison site

This is the most effective tip we can provide. These tools allow you to view all of the deals at any one time on one page. Quick, effective and targeted, the search is made up of a number of criteria such departure date, destination, budget and the number of passengers. These tools can also take into account the kind of accommodation, activities and other options which may differ from person to person.

Choose an off-peak time to travel

Off peak is generally around January & February and the month of September. Travelling around these times is perfect for anyone looking for a cheap flight and those who want to avoid the crowds on beaches or more touristy areas.

Buy tickets in advance

To get the best deal, another tip is to buy tickets before they go up in price – at least 2 months in advance. People who have trouble planning this far in advance can always buy their tickets last minute.

Avoid additional fees

Taxes, checked baggage, food on board and travel insurance are all things that can increase the price of low-cost tickets. You need to know how to choose only the important options for you.

It’s necessary to take advantage of the different promotions organised by the low-cost companies to find cheap flights. They take the form of great deals, discounts and amazing offers.

Top low-cost airlines

In Europe, low-cost flights are offered by companies that adhere to the strict rules and regulations. Among the biggest is Ryanair, with the highest number of passengers transported in 2018. British company Easyjet, established in 1995, also offers a wide range of offers to customers to and from a number of popular destinations. With flights starting from £32, Transavia and Vueling are also contenders for top low-cost airline, allowing you to see the world at a lower price.