Top 5 Cruise Lines and Destinations
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Top 5 Cruise Destinations

If you have never thought about cruising before, maybe it's time to do just that. After all, taking a cruise is one of the best ways to see the world with less hassle. This is because you check into a cabin and it goes with you to several different destinations.

You also get the benefits of great accommodation and food on board, as well as a range of entertainment. If you do decide to take a cruise, there are many different destinations and cruise lines to choose from. So, which is the best choice for you? Here is some information that should help when making your decision.

Popular global cruise destinations

There are some amazing global destinations that you can visit on a cruise.

1. Barbados

Barbados is one of the most popular cruise destinations with UK travellers right now. It's a haven for people who love glorious beaches and sun-filled days. The island values the 840,000 cruises that visit it's shores. So, amenities for travellers continue to be developed to a high standard.

2. The Meditteranean

Mediterranean cruises are traditionally a popular choice with UK holidaymakers. This is a situation which does not seem likely to change anytime soon. There are many beautiful cities that travelers can visit on one of these cruises, including Rome, Florence, Dubrovnik and Athens. Taking a cruise is the perfect way to explore this amazing part of the world.

3. Bora Bora

For anyone who wants to get a taste of paradise while cruising, Bora Bora is the perfect choice. The main attraction of this South Pacific island is it's breathtaking beauty. Most cruises to this destination, feature a two-day stop here, so there is plenty of time to relax and savour the surroundings.

4. Glacier Bay Alaska

Alaska is one of the most remote parts of the world, and much of its scenery is pristine. This is why Glacier Bay cruises are so popular. It's not just the scenery that is amazing either. Travellers also get to see incredible wildlife up close, including humpback whales, black bears, brown bears, otters and seals.

5. Singapore

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city that is hugely popular with visitors. One of the biggest benefits of visiting Singapore as part of a cruise is that most of the tourist attractions are located across a small area. This means that cruise travellers can see everything they need to while their liner is in port.

No matter what destination you decide upon, you need to choose the best cruise line to take you there.

Popular choices of cruise line for US travellers

There are several cruise lines which are a popular choice with UK travellers. They all have different benefits.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise line is an excellent choice if you are cruising with children. There are many children's facilities and activities on board, as well as child-friendly dining.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean cruises are known for the excellent range of activities on board. This is why they are a great choice if you want to have plenty to do during days at sea. There are different activities on different ships from the line, including basketball courts, roller rinks and exercise classes.

Crystal Cruises

For people traveling alone, Crystal Cruises are a good choice. They provide single accommodation to travellers at a lower cost than many other cruise lines. The regular single supplement that the company charges is 30% but the supplement can be as low as 10%.

These top destinations and cruise lines should provide you with the inspiration you need to book an amazing cruise holiday.