Top 5 Ways to File Your Taxes Online
Get rid of the stress of filing your taxes using these online services!

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best online Tax Filing resources...
  1. TurboTax
    TurboTax is the number 1 best-selling tax preparation software in the US, you can't go wrong with TurboTax.
  2. TaxAct
    TaxAct is a big competitor to TurboTax and have many great features on their site.
  3. FreeTaxUSA
    FreeTaxUSA does what they say, they let you e-file your taxes directly to the IRS, free!
  4. TaxSlayer
    TaxSlayer offer a simple, quick online way of filing your taxes, and if it's simple enough, it's free.
  5. E-file
    E-file can save you up to 50% over other tax filing softwares available, give them a shot.

Top5 Tips for How to File Your Taxes Online

In today's world, technology has taken over various processes, including filing taxes. You no longer have to visit your local tax office and wait for several hours for an agent to take you through the process.

The filing system requires you to get online, and with a simple click, you can complete the procedure in a few minutes. The advancement also comes with a few pros and cons as discussed below;


It's easy

You don't have to learn how to file your taxes, even if it's your first time. Several tax companies will help you go through the procedure without much hassle. If you used a similar platform before, it could transfer relevant information from previous returns.

It's Accurate

While filling online taxes, the program does all calculations on your behalf to get proper credits and deductions. You also receive a notice in case of errors such as a wrong social security number.

You can file from Anywhere

You can use several applications to file your taxes from home or on the go using your mobile phone.


It Requires some Computer Knowledge

Regardless of the app you use, you need to apply computer knowledge to maneuver through the filling process.

It may be Difficult for some People

Some people may find it hard to navigate through the tax software, while some may take longer to learn.

Some top Companies in the Market and the Services they Offer

ou can seamlessly file your taxes from a wide variety of platforms in the market. Below are a few of the top companies and the services available.


The company offers you a myriad of options for your tax return, regardless of your situation. You can have a designated tax expert at a fee for any questions and advice via live chat. A CPA will review your figures to make sure they are correct before you file.

Self-employed persons can use the QuickBooks software while rental owners can use premier on the platform.

H & R Block

You will get some decent features on H & R Block, such as filers and chat or phone support, if you need assistance. If your returns are complex, you can get through detailed articles and a built-in calculator for more assistance. You can also get a tax professional at an added cost called 'online assist' to help you file.

It offers a free version for those making basic returns, and you can still get additional technical support. You can also import last year's return despite using a different company.

Jackson Hewitt

Using Jackson Hewitt is simple since it has a friendly user-interface and various articles for a smoother filling process. It features a built-in calculator and free audit assistance who can file your taxes within 24hours.

You can use a worry-free guarantee plan where you get reimbursed in case of tax liabilities. A free version is also available if your taxable income is less than $100,000.

Individuals Benefiting from Online tax Returns

Regardless of the business, you undertake, you need to file taxes for the income generated at the end of a financial year. However, various platforms have a free version for those making basic returns. Therefore, you will spend very little if your taxable income is low and still enjoy some advanced features.


In the digital era, filing your taxes should be a seamless process. Various companies can help you do it in time to avoid various penalties or losing future refunds. In case you find it hard, you can always get assistance from experts.