Top 5 iPhones in 2020
Find out which iPhone to get this year

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best iPhones this year...
  1. iPhone 12
    Announced in October 2020, Apple's new flagship iPhone 12 boasts a more compact redesign with a stunning XDR display.
  2. iPhone XR
    Last year's iPhone XR is still the best value iPhone you can get, especially if you find a good offer online.
  3. iPhone 11
    This year's sequel to the XR, the base iPhone 11 is a fantastic offering, improving on the iPhone series in many ways.
  4. iPhone 11 Pro Max
    If value isn't a concern, then the Pro Max is the iPhone for you. This beast has it all, the best camera, screen and battery on an iPhone.
  5. iPhone 8
    The iPhone 8 still offers a lot, and with the latest updates from Apple you won't be missing out on too much from the newer iPhones.

All New iPhone 12 From October 2020

Yes, that time of year has come again when Apple announce their new flagship iPhone. The new iPhone 12 comes in four variations:

- iPhone 12
- iPhone 12 Pro
- iPhone 12 Pro Max
- iPhone 12 Mini

11% thinner, 15% smaller & 16% lighter. The 5G ready iPhone 12 has followed suit in the current market and no unnecessary space has been used in this new design. A smartphone that is all the more compact whilst boasting iPhone's superfast A14 Bionic chip. Both the iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 mini range come with Apple's new XDR retina display, one of the clearest and most true-to-life displays on a smartphone to date. Apple also commend themselves on the iPhone 12 being 4x more 'drop-resistant' than any of their previous models. With 5 beautiful colours to choose from there really is something for everyone here. Pre-orders have already begun with all top US providers. Don't miss out!

iPhone 11 Range - Features and Selling Points

Apple converts have welcomed the latest iPhone incarnation with great excitement. Even those who have yet to join the Apple throng cannot fail to have heard some of the buzz that has accompanied the arrival of the iPhone 11 range.

So, is the celebration warranted and is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max? Taking a look at this latest installment of Apple's smartphone history helps to answer this question.

iPhone 11

This successor to the iPhone XR is the option to choose for anyone who is looking for great value in their upgrade. Available to buy outright, it's not as pricey as you might expect. This is especially the case when you consider that it's camera is not far off the quality of the iPhone 11 Pro version. However, it's a little disappointing that the design has not evolved much from the XR.

  • Camera

Two rear sensors enable wider angle images. The night mode is also pretty impressive even in very dark situations. The portrait feature of the camera has also improved from the XR.

  • Design

Not much has changed design wise, from the XR. The exception is that new lilac and mint green colours have been added to the selection.

  • Display

The display on the iPhone 11 cannot match the OLED display of the Pro version. However, it handles everything just about as well as most users will need it to. This includes sufficient brightness, good touch responsiveness, and good visibility in bright sunlight.

  • Battery

The battery seems to meet Apple's claims of it being longer lasting than the XR battery. It's pretty easy to get 24 hours out of a single charge. However, there is no fast charger with this phone which is a definite irritation.

iPhone 11 Pro

A step up from the iPhone 11, is investment in the Pro version worthwhile? Attracting a high purchase price, it's certainly a significant hike in cost. Even on contract, the difference is pretty noticeable. The main selling point that could make the cost worthwhile is the iPhone 11 Pro's triple lens camera. Let's face it, you can do all you can to take great smartphone photos, but a state of the art camera provision like this is a major boost.

  • Camera

The camera in the iPhone Pro is a real improvement on what has gone before. The provision of 3 x 12MP rear lenses means that shooting regular, telephoto and wide angle images presents no problem. There is also an impressive improvement to low light photography which means that Apple now surpasses its competitors.

  • Design

The design is not really any different to the XS Pro, except for the new matte finish on the rear. This lack of change is something which may be off-putting to some Apple aficionados.

  • Display

The OLED display on this Pro version of the iPhone 11 certainly postively impacts clarity. It's just a question of whether this impact, and the camera improvements, are sufficient to warrant the much higher cost of the phone.

  • Battery

The battery life is definitely an improvement from the iPhone XS range. However, you can get this improvement by simply buying the basic iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is simply the best of the best when it comes to Apple smartphone technology. However, does this mean that it's worth the hefty purchase price, or the rising contract costs? It certainly has some impressive features but, in truth, the basic iPhone 11 may represent better value for most users.

  • Camera

The camera technology in the iPhone 11 Pro Max is impressive. Night shots look like they could have been taken during the day. But, this technology is also present in the Pro model which comes at a lower cost. One thing that is impressive is that the power of this model makes it easy to edit video on the move; a plus for real enthusiasts or professionals.

  • Design

There are no major design upgrades for this phone. Although, the new matte back is attractive.

  • Display

The size of the iPhone 11 Pro Max will not suit everyone. However, it has to be said that it does make the 6.5-inch OLED display possible. This display comes pretty close to presenting a cinematic experience on the move, especially when supported by the stereo speaker upgrade.

  • Battery

Making the most of battery life is important to every smartphone user. The iPhone 11 Pro helps with this because it's easy to get 24 hours of use from a single charge. There is also a fast charger with a phone which gives a full charge within an hour and a half.

In summary

The main improvements that can be seen in the iPhone 11 range are with the camera and battery life. Improved camera technology is especially prevalent in the Pro and Pro Max versions of the phone. These phones also feature an OLED display for improved clarity. However, for most everyday smartphone users, the basic iPhone 11 model seems to represent the best value for money.