Top 5 Laptops and Tablets
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Here are our Top 5 picks for the best laptops, tablets and 2-in-1s on the market right now...
  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
    The best tablet-to-laptop on the market with amazing versatility
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro X
    The ultimate 2-in-1 laptop with a 13" touchscreen
  3. Macbook Pro
    A consistently good laptop, but with a hefty price tag
  4. iPad Pro
    The best exclusive tablet on the market, enhanced with the Apple Pencil
  5. Dell XPS 13
    Great value laptop in a compact size, hard to beat

Top 5 Laptops/Tablets/2-in1s in 2021/22

Picking a new laptop can be hard, especially when there are so many options on the market. Luckily competition is high right now and consumers are able to get great deals on impressive tech. Here are our top 5 picks for what to get this year, with 2020 and beyond in mind.

Joint First

Number one and two on our list are the latest and greatest from Microsoft, the Surface Pro 7 and Pro X. Both amazing portable machines, ultra light and powerful, the Pro 7 focuses on being the best value without compromising on the specs, while the Pro X offers even more graphical power for a premium. Whichever you pick from these you will have a fantastic experience, the Surface series has matured to a point that traditional laptops seem almost antiquated.

Apple Still Strong

Number three is the classic Macbook Pro from Apple. They've had issues with the keyboard in recent years, but it seems the Pro is finally heading in the right direction again with the release of the new Macbook Pro 16". If you're looking for a fully featured pro laptop with all the bells and whistles this is your best bet, though due to its size it's not as easily portable as our other favorites.

Number four is also from Apple, the purest tablet experience on the market, the iPad Pro. Apple have by far the best app store for tablet format apps, Android can't even compete. If you're looking for a specific creative app, it might be best to go with the latest pro-tier iPad from Apple, especially if Windows isn't your favourite operating system. Otherwise, check out the Surface series from Microsoft.


Number five, the Dell XPS 13, is consistently ranked as one of the best small laptops on the market. Powerful, small and packed with smart design, this is a great all round laptop that we wholeheartedly recommend.