Top 5 Online Schools
Find out the best schools for online degrees and qualifications

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best online schools for accredited degrees and more...
  1. Arizona State University
    Offering over 200 award winning online programs
  2. University of Florida
    UFL is consistently ranked highly among the top universities in the States
  3. University of Massachusetts
    UMass is a highly ranked college, with many degrees and doctorates available
  4. Northeastern University
    Nearly 200 programs available online, ranking highly
  5. Indiana University
    Attracting students from all over the world, Indiana is a top university

Top 5 Tips for Online Education

Each year, college tuition prices continue to skyrocket. Even though many jobs require a bachelor’s degree, affording one is not always financially possible. Ig going to a traditional campus-based school is seen as a requirement but priced as a luxury, what are students supposed to do? One of the options available is to still attend college classes, but to do so at an online school, rather than a campus-based school.

The Classes

What is it like to attend an online school? Unlike campus-based schools, online school is not centered on any one location. This means that students can take their classes anywhere—at home, at a café, anywhere where Internet access is available.

Depending on which online school a student attended, classes may or may not be held at a set time. Some professors may host live video classes, other may record and post videos for their students to watch on their own time. Some professors may not post videos of themselves at all, instead opting for posting academic resources for their students.

Just because classes are held differently, it doesn’t mean they are any easier than classes held in a traditional classroom. If anything, these schools take more effort, as much of the lessons are self-taught. In these cases, professors are there to help students with any questions they might have.

As for assignments, they will most likely be graded in the same way as they would be at a brick and mortar school. Due dates still apply. Plagiarism is still grounds for a failed assignment. All in all, online classes are definitely different from in-person classes, but that doesn’t make them any easier or harder.

The Price Tag

One of the biggest allures of attending an online school is its relatively low cost. Credit-wise, online schools tend to charge less per class than traditional colleges. Of course, students need to keep in mind that the classes are cheaper for a reason—much of the lessons will be self-taught, as mentioned earlier.

Another factor that influence the cost of a college, in the real world, are room and board costs for students living tin the dorms, meal plans, and other various fess can rack up over the course of a semester. With online schools, having the ability to take classes anywhere, there is no need for room and board payments! This can save students hundreds of dollars each semester.

One aspect of online school that is no different from campus-based schools is the cost of the textbooks. Yes, even though all of the classes are done online, some physical paper books (or online editions of the same books) are still required. Of course, students are still free to shop around to find the most affordable prices for their books.

The Overall Experience

Is online school better or worse that campus-based schools? It all depends on who is asked—meaning it is more a matter of opinion than anything else. That also implies that whether going to an online school is right for someone is, more than anything, a matter of their personality, family/personal situation, and budget.

Just like with any college, students need to be determined and motivated if they expect to succeed. On top of that, students who attend online school need to be able to schedule their time wisely to stick to a deadlines, make time to read the material and take notes, and do most everything else themselves.

Online school is no walk in the park, by tut can be worth it. Cheap tuition rates can draw in new students with ease, but only determined students have what it takes to graduate and earn their degree!