Top 5 Personal Insurance Providers
Save on your Personal Insurance with a range of different cover!

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best online providers of Personal Insurance...
  1. Allstate
    Huge range of products and discounts available - Allstate is great for first-time buyers.
  2. Anthem
    Committed to improving lives and making healthcare simpler, see what Anthem can offer you.
  3. Geico
    If you need cheap coverage, it's hard to beat Geico for bare-bones coverage at a low price.
  4. UnitedHealth
    The largest health insurer in the US, it's financially secure and stocked up with a huge range of coverage.
  5. Farmers
    If you need coverage for a large property or two, Farmers is a great choice to look in to.

Top5 Tips: Personal Insurance Packages, A Quick Look at What You Need to Know

There is no doubt that life throws us the unexpected curve ball every now and again. From minor issues such as a sprained ankle or a flat tire to more severe problems such as terminal cancer, the fact of the matter is that we need to be prepared for whatever might exist around the next corner. This is why possessing the appropriate policy is crucial in these modern times. Let's take a look at some of the options at your disposal as well as when each is required.

Home Insurance

Having a home insurance policy is often required before applying for any type of mortgage. As this will help to protect your valuable contents in the event of a fire, flood or robbery. Home insurance can often be classified into a handful of categories such as:

  • The physical structure and nearby property
  • The contents contained within
  • Electronics and gadgets such as smartphones and computers

Some policies are also modular; allowing you to increase or decrease the associated coverage levels as may be needed in the future.

Pet Insurance

Even our furry friends will encounter health problems from time to time. Without an effective insurance plan in place, you will normally be required to spend hundreds of dollars on even the simplest of treatments such as a check-up or a dental examination. This is why pet insurance policies are a must-have component. Similar to health insurance plans designed for humans, there are a number of coverage levels and options for you to choose from.

Certain plans cover basic necessities such as annual examinations and emergency visits. Others are more comprehensive; offering certain elective surgeries as well as proactive treatments (such as if your dog has begun to develop cataracts at a relatively early age). It is important to read the terms and conditions of any policy, as some situations might be excluded from protection. Furthermore, be sure to speak with your vet in order to determine which plans his or her firm accepts. There are even very specific programs that are intended to provide coverage for certain animals such as equine insurance.

Life and Health Insurance

These are arguably the most well-known policies in existence, as the majority of individuals own one form or another. The main intention of health and life insurance policies is to provide financial protection in the event that you become sick or injured. However, there is still one major difference.

Health insurance plans are meant to cover your legal and/or medical expenses that result from an injury or illness (such a time off from work or the bills accrued while receiving treatment at a hospital). Life insurance plans are instead designed to provide your beneficiaries (such as a spouse or children) with financial compensation I the event that you pass away. 

Be sure to examine the finer points of either of these policies in order to determine which is the best option.

Taking Legal Expenses Into Account

A final point to mention involves the legal expenses that can occur as the result of filing a claim. Some insurers offer a no-win, no-fee policy. However, the majority will charge some type of rate in the event that a case goes to trial. This is normally taken out of your winnings (assuming that you emerge victorious) although there are other times when such fees will be accrued even if you are found at fault or you do not quality for compensation.

It is obvious that these issues should be discussed at length before agreeing to any type of formal contract. As always, preparation is important in order to avoid any fiscal issues in the future. Insurance plans come in a variety of forms and this is why a substantial amount of research should be undertaken. You can then make the right choice at the best time with few delays when time is of the essence.