Top 5 Travel Insurance and Car Hire Cover Providers
Save on your Travel Insurance and Car Hire Cover the next time you travel!

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best online providers of Travel Insurance...
  1. Allstate
    Huge range of products and discounts available - Allstate is great for first-time buyers.
  2. Anthem
    Committed to improving lives and making healthcare simpler, see what Anthem can offer you.
  3. Geico
    If you need cheap coverage, it's hard to beat Geico for bare-bones coverage at a low price.
  4. UnitedHealth
    The largest health insurer in the US, it's financially secure and stocked up with a huge range of coverage.
  5. Farmers
    If you need coverage for a large property or two, Farmers is a great choice to look in to.

Top5 Tips to Take Into Account when Choosing Travel and Hire Car Insurance Online

It is now commonplace for us to travel to far-off locations without a second thought. Whether for business or for pleasure, it is also a fact that unexpected situations can occur from time to time. Whether referring to suddenly falling ill while enjoying a holiday abroad or discovering that your rental car has suffered from a flat tire on an empty stretch of highway, it is always better to be prepared in advance for whatever fate might have in store. This is why many individuals choose a robust travel insurance plan or a car hire insurance bundle. What are five professional suggestions to keep in mind so that you can receive the best levels of coverage at the appropriate times?

1. The Level of Coverage

As mentioned in the introduction, coverage levels are critical. While some may choose a basic package, never forget that you get what you pay for. It is often better to opt for slightly higher premiums in order to benefit from more comprehensive services. Having said this, still make it a point to compare different providers in order to ensure that you are receiving amenable rates. There are times when one policy can cost hundreds of dollars less than another although both offer nearly identical options.

2. Geographic Limitations

Travel insurance and care hire plans will often come with a set of geographical limitations. For example, a specific rental insurance package may become voided if you happen to cross state lines. Travel insurance may not be valid within specific countries or the services could be severely curtailed. It is critical to appreciate any such clauses that might be present within the contract as well as to carefully read the associated terms and conditions. You can therefore choose the appropriate option at the right time.

3. Emergency Situations

Even basic travel and care rental insurance will normally offer some type of protection if you happen to come across an unexpected situation. From requiring medication while visiting Europe to discovering that you require roadside assistance as the result of a dead battery, be sure to fully understand what you can expect. After all, there is nothing worse than being stranded in a far-off location without the financial protection that you had expected to enjoy.

Another suggestion is to discover whether or not declaring an emergency and requesting assistance will lead to an increase in your monthly premiums. On the other side of the coin, confirm whether or not your payments will be lowered if you do not make any claims over time.

4. The Flexibility of the Policy in Question

There is no doubt that travel and rental insurance policies may need to be upgraded or downgraded from time to time. This is when flexibility comes into play. Will the provider allow you to make modifications or is the plan in question written in stone? Might these changes lead to an additional surcharge or a renewal of your initial subscription? Address these questions before committing to any type of service package.

5. The Reputation of the Provider

Last and certainly not least, it is critical to appreciate the reputation of the insurance provider. Has the firm received mainly positive reviews or is it plagued by negative feedback. Word of mouth can make all of the difference in the world between a wise decision and a costly mistake. Try to stay away from any firms that seem to be known for a rather dubious reputation.

Travel insurance plans and car hire protection are important logistical concerns, so they need to be taken quite seriously if you hope to make an informed decision when the time is right. Please feel free to bookmark this page so that it can be used as a reference in the future when the need arises. You will be thankful that a bit of preparation was involved!